During the first year that has passed since the revolutionary November days in Kyiv in 2004, several documentary movies and literary works have been produced that try to show from various angles how the events that fundamentally changed the thinking of a great part of the Ukrainian society unfolded. Based on information from the Press Service of the Ukrainian president, the list includes the following:

Documentary movies
We Won’t Crap in our Pants! (The People From the Maidan). Director: Serhiy Masloboyshchykov. Camera: Viktor Kabachenko, Mykola Honcharenko, Bohdan Verbyckyy. Production: Inspiration Films (Ukraine). Length - 27 minutes.
The Ukrainian Choice (Ukraine). Director: Ruslan Honcharov, Production and Editing: Mykhaylo Kukan. Length – 62 minutes.
The Ukrainian Revolution: On the Verge of Bloodshed . Author: by Svyatoslav Tsygolko.
Director: Svitlana Tarnasyuk. Length – 60 minutes. Production: 5th Channel (Ukraine).
The Seventh Day (preview). Director: Olas Sanin. Production: Volodymyr Aryev. Screenplay Author: Natalka Ficych. Length - 15 minutes. Production: 5th Channel (Ukraine).
I Would Just Like to Say… Thank You. Author: Olha Herasimyuk. Director and camera: Andriy Nesteronko. Length – 67 minutes. Production: 1 + 1 (Ukraine).
Women of the Revolution. Author: Natalya Fedorenko. Director: Valentyna Skora. Length – 52 minutes. Production: ERA (Ukraine).
Visiting One of the Ukrainians. Authors: Vasyl Klimchuk, Marianna Kuzan. Director: Yuriy Andrushchenko. Camera: Kostyantyn Frolov, Serhiy Kurilyk. Length – 30 minutes. Production: ERA (Ukraine).
Dwarves Are Going to Ukraine. (Poland). Director: Mirek Dembinski. Length - 67 minutes.
They Have Created History. Production: S. Kretc. Production: OK-1 (Denmark).
Specificity of National Choice (from the series of Profession – Correspondent). Authors: Vadym Takmenyov, Illya Zimin. Length – 26 minutes. Production: NTV (Russia).

Ukrainians Are Winning Smiling, Simferopol, Tavriya, 2005.
Orange Revolution, Kyiv, Optyma, 2004.
Chronicle of the Orange Revolution, D. Yanevskyy, Charkiv, Folio, 2005.
Chronicle of the Orange Revolution, D. Yanevskyy, Charkiv, Folio, 2005.
Landscape with Orange Revolution, Slaboshpyckyy, Kyiv, Yaroslaviv val, 2005.
Face of the Orange Revolution, D. Yanevskyy, Charkiv, Folio, 2005.
Ukraine, Rise, V. Harbuz, Kyiv, 2005.
Short Stories of the Orange Revolution, Lviv, Vidrodzhennya, 2005.
We Are Going! , Kyiv, KM-Akademia. 2005.
Election Stages – Orange Revolution, Kyiv, VUS, 2005.
Yes! Ukrainians Are Winning Smiling, Kyiv, VUS, 2005.
Viktor Yushchenko: I Believe! I Know! We Can!, Kyiv, In-Iure, 2005.
YES!, Kyiv, Dzherela-M, 2005.
Let Mу People Gо. 15 Texts on the Ukrainian Revolution, O. Zabuzhko, Kyiv, Fakt, 2005.
1000 Smiles of the Orange Revolution, M. Dubynyanskyy, Kyiv, Fakt, 2005.
Preamble and Texts, O. Irvanec, Kyiv, Fakt, 2005.
Nutcracker 2004, O. Irvanec, Kyiv, Fakt, 2005.
Byzantine Syndrome, L. Kapelyushnyy, Kyiv, Fakt, 2005.
Yes! Ukraine, Kyiv, Summit, 2005.
Diary of the Revolution, S. Kabachynska, Chmelnyckyy, 2005.
First Ukrainian Front. Memoirs from the First Line, A. Kolesnykov, Kyiv, Vahryus, 2005.
Orange Story, F. Suchonis, Dnipropetrovsk, Porohy, 2005.
Viktor Yushchenko: Phenomena or Phantom, Kyiv, Dovira, 2004.
Verses of Two Sisters, H. Dubinina, I. Popova, Kyiv, Zannya Ukrayiny, 2005.
Revolution of Spirit, Lviv, Svichado, 2005.
Orange Revolution, TOV Ave-consulting, 2004.
And I Will Give You a New Heart, Y. Kovalec, Nizhyn, Aspektpolihraf, 2005.
Metamorphosis on the Orange Square, O. Husyev, Kyiv, Ekmo, 2005.
Imperative Square, O. Husyev, Kyiv, Ekmo, 2004.
17 Days that Shook Ukraine, Chernihiv, 2005.
Square of Freedom, Fotoalbom, Kyiv, Oranta, 2005.
It Is About Time to Live for Ukraine!, V. Pylypyuk, Lviv, Svitlo y tin, 2005.
Those Days on the Square, F. Chmelkovskyy, Lviv, Svichado, 2005.
Ukraine – from Independence to Freedom, Y. Blukackyy, Charkiv, Folio, 2005.
Viktor Yushchenko: Test by Power, M. Zhulynskyy, O. Slipushko, Charkiv, Folio, 2005.
Viktor Yushchenko. 100 Days of Presidency: Direct Talk, Charkiv, Folio, 2005.